Dartington Hall Trust

What Is Dartington?

Dartington is unique.

Dartington has never been just one thing – it is home to a diverse family of activities and ventures – an international meeting ground where new ideas in arts, ecology and social justice are generated.

Dartington has always invited, encouraged and supported people with talent and creative energy. This idyllic rural estate is a place where inspired ideas can be realised through imagination, exploration, reflection and practice. Many outstanding individuals from throughout the world have visited and found that Dartington has given them what was needed to make a difference.

This was how Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst began their remarkable Dartington Experiment in 1925, and it continues today for a 21st century society through The Dartington Hall Trust. It is a place of experiment, a place of inspiration, a place of change. Dartington is constantly evolving: current projects are vibrant, contemporary and innovative.

The Elmhirsts believed profoundly in arts education - and in the active “involvement of amateurs". Dartington today offers ample opportunities to both professionals and amateurs.

Dartington‘s distinctive culture that is defined by its values:

• that individual and collective creativity is the wellspring of human progress
• that innovation requires freedom to take risks and time to reflect
• that diversity broadens perspectives and stimulates imagination
• that learning by doing educates the whole person
• that mastery of craft enhances intellectual understanding and artistic expression
• that enterprise and creativity can flourish together
• that being in a place of beauty liberates the mind and spirit

The Dartington Experiment has made significant contributions to this nation and beyond both through the Trust’s own initiatives and the inspiration it has provided for others. Above all, Dartington changes people's lives.