About Us

Lianne Jarrett Associates (LJA) is a press, marketing and arts administration consultancy specialising in projects in the fields of visual and performing arts; crafts and textiles; architecture and the environment; festivals, charities and education; heritage and gardens. We are not a typical PR business: we aim to become an ‘arm’ of each organisation we represent, speaking with the client’s voice – essential for really good results.

Recognised for projecting the unique image and aims of each of our clients, we are known for the prominence we gain editorially in the national press and broadcast media, as well as our attention to detail in organising events, marketing, social media campaigns and assistance in arts administration. We write lively and accessible copy for websites and brochures; we also source designers and, where necessary, arrange print production and distribution.

We are flexible in our approach, and work in close partnership with each client to achieve the highest possible results. We are precise in our objectives and are committed to excellence.

Lianne Jarrett Associates, led by Lianne Jarrett and Rachel Cunningham, is a dedicated and versatile team with first class contacts. Staff are complemented by freelance expertise drawn from a number of fields. This dynamic group ensures that each client has the right mix of skills and talents for its business. We have developed a distinct, individual style and tackle each project with flair. For established organisations and new ventures around the country, we offer a top-flight service.