How we run press campaigns...

Our personal contacts in the press and media have been developed over many years. We are in regular communication with major journalists in a range of specialisms and maintain an up-to-date database of over 1,000 media contacts. We refine press lists for each project, where necessary researching and drawing up additional specialist lists. These closely targeted approaches result in cost-effective campaigns.

There is no magic formula for achieving media coverage, reaching opinion-formers and like-minded organisations: our results come primarily through hard work and experience.

When commencing a project we carry out research; meet all key personnel to discuss strategies; visit clients or organisations; thoroughly apprise ourselves of subject matter; identify potential audiences and political sensitivities.

We write new material specific to each project, liaise closely at all times with the client and email releases to targeted, researched press, followed up by a carefully coordinated telephone campaign. Our job is to inform and enthuse the press. Wherever possible, we introduce them to key players, which results in thoughtful and accurate articles.

LJA also tweets on behalf of clients, and we can back up clients’ own Twitter activity through Retweeting. Tweets can also include links to further information and images on the project in hand.

We think around a subject, and follow all lateral as well as logical opportunities. This yields a greater amount of coverage, reaching a wide rage of readers, listeners and viewers. We can provide creative input on projects, coming up with unusual launch ideas, creating picture opportunities... spotting the story within the information. We are frequently invited by clients to assist at an early stage in the strategic planning of their PR activity. We organise interviews and visits, press trips, large scale launches, receptions and events.

Each client is given a discrete section on our website with releases, and a full range of high resolution images for downloading by press.