Cameron Contemporary Art

Cameron Contemporary was set up and is run by husband and wife team, Robin Cameron and Kirsty Wither.

The spacious, airy gallery is situated very centrally just off Church Street, Hove. With its restaurants, boutiques and exciting range of shops, it is an area that has been transformed in recent years.

The gallery, which stages about eight exhibitions on different themes annually, is dedicated to showing both established artists and exciting talent from the new generation. Paintings range from traditional to modern and figurative to abstract. Each exhibition includes a carefully curated selection of sculpture, ceramics and jewellery.

For visitors wishing to make their first art purchase, there is an imaginative range of smaller paintings, prints and items of decorative art, all very reasonably priced. For the seasoned collector, there are substantial works. Robin and Kirsty provide additional services, including advice on starting an art collection for both individuals and companies, and help on sourcing works from auctions and private collections. Cameron Contemporary Art also offers a popular and appealing alternative to the traditional wedding list. Friends and family can buy items from a list, or contribute to an art fund for the couple. This is also perfect for special birthdays or retirements. Cameron Contemporary Art represents 20 of artists on a continuing basis; and shows regularly at major UK art fairs, including the Affordable Art Fairs.